Muni and Ontop

Discover how Muni started hiring contractors from Argentina in just a few weeks.

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About Muni

Muni is a community that buys platforms aiming to transform the e-commerce market in LATAM. That is possible by using communities leveraging power to bring savings and convenience to middle class households in the region.


Sell ​​supermarket products using your cell phone


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The Challenge

Pain Points

In the need of a remote hiring solution

Muni started to operate in  August 2022 in Colombia, and they have been working with Ontop since January 2021. Even though they are based in Colombia, Mexico and Brazil, they saw that there were a lot of opportunities to hire talents all over LATAM. 

Especially  in Argentina, but they didn’t know how to manage international employees. That was the breaking point when Muni decided to start looking for a company that could help them with all the hiring process.

From the first moment Muni learnt about Ontop, they were happily convinced that the solution for their concerns was found.

The Ontop Solution

No boundaries to hire international talent

After working together for more than a year, Ontop has been the easiest way to solve all the paperwork issues related to hiring talents.

The implementation process was very short and in only a week Muni had all the onboarding processes up and running.

Every time there is an update on the platform, it takes little time to adapt.

It is not necessary for Muni’s Human Resources team to take care of the onboarding of the new contractors, they receive an email with the contract and the step by step they need to follow.

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Muni and Ontop

We made the decision to work with Ontop for their customer service, we thought it was a very good one.

Daniela Herrera - Head of Human Resources
Mas embracing freedom on a mountain
The Result

Now muni has most of its developers working remotely from Argentina.

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