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See how Trii started hiring people from anywhere, quickly and legally.

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About Trii

Trii is a Colombian fintech company dedicated to democratizing all people's access to the stock market in a friendly, easy- way to -understand, accessible, and affordable.

Trii was born, with the intention of democratizing the stock market in Colombia. Enabling more than 100,000 people to buy and sell shares of local companies through a digital process, where they don't have to pay any fees to a commission agent or fill out complicated forms. They only need a cell phone with internet to open their free account, there are no minimum deposit amounts and the fees are the lowest in the market.


More than 100,000 people can access the stock market.


We are committed to a 100% digital process

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The Challenge

Pain Points

Time to have a plan.

In the beginning, the hiring process at Trii was a bit informal, even though the contracts were valid. The company was not very rigorous or had high standards.

When Trii started, they didn't set a plan for Human Resources operations. All the employees were located in Colombia and the hiring process was very informal. The contracts were valid and legal, but not very rigorous. They still wanted to hire people who were in other countries, but it seemed impossible at the moment. Because they didn't have a way to do it formally, to give the future employee peace of mind and security to come work with them. 

It's one thing when there are 4 people, but when you have more than 40 working in different countries with different salaries, it gets more complex.

The Ontop Solution

Let's formalize the hiring process.

When they discovered Ontop, they began to hire everyone through the platform, both Colombians and employees from other countries. 

They currently have 24 people hired by Ontop, almost 50% of all their resources

Trii managed to formalize the way of hiring, being much more rigorous in contracts, and giving transparency on their  payments.

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Trii and Ontop

Ontop allowed us to give our employees guarantees, organize ourselves better internally, and hire people from anywhere quickly and legally

Sylvana Rojas - Head of People at Trii
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The Result

In three months Trii doubled the number of contracts.

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