Streamlined payroll, onboarding and smooth payments for international teams

Simplify your remote onboarding, guarantee compliance, and pay your team in countries where you do not have a legal entity.

  • Manage your team compliantly in more than 150 countries.

  • Onboard remote employees and contractors in minutes.

  • Automate your global payroll.

Empowering numerous enterprises to seamlessly manage payroll for their global workforce

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The premier international payroll solution for globally expanding enterprises

Cost effective
Scale rapidly
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Easily onboard and pay international workers

We provide 24/7 support and allow you to carry out your remote payroll all at once. It's all just one click away!

Stay on top of compliance

Stay on top of compliance. Every contract generated through our platform complies with applicable laws. Additionally, we verify all your workers' and employees' documents so you don't have to worry!

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Cost effective
Scale rapidly
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Handle your remote payroll with ease

Have full control over payments for your employees and contractors.

Global financial services for remote workers

The financial freedom that you, your contract workers, and employees have been dreaming of is finally here. Your team will receive all their payments through our dollar-backed virtual wallet, with some exceptions that may apply to EOR services.

Manage your international talent through Ontop’s platform

Streamlined payments

Streamlined payments.

Easy and compliant contracts

Easy and compliant contracts.

Happier and productive teams

Happier and more productive teams.

What makes us different

We are the best solution for international payroll. We remove the burden of paperwork from your shoulders and expertly handle all the contracts, documents, and payments, so you can focus on growing your business with ease.

Tailor-made financial solution for your global workers.

A wallet without limits for them to store in fiat USD. A Visa card that lets them spend globally and a suite of ways to transfer the money locally.

Expertise, always.

We offer human support 24/7 and expert guidance on local taxes and regulations.

We have bank-level compliance standards.

We have implemented a robust KYB and KYC process for both companies and workers to ensure a secure and trustworthy partnership.

A fast solution for onboarding international workers.

Simply create the contract and our platform will guide you through the process of submitting the required local documents. Within minutes, you'll have access to our suite of financial services and be ready to start working with your new team members.

What companies say about Ontop.

"Ontop helps me focus on acquiring and retaining our talent at Rappi, instead of spending my time doing paperwork and compliance."
Felipe Villamarin, Co-founder Rappi
" Ontop for us has been a strategic ally in our Expansion process. It is an optimal solution, easy to use and that adds a lot of value to companies all over the world. "
Mateo Marulanda, Country Manager
"Payments go through like magic and my contractors are happy because they get all of their money, commission free."
Alejandra Buelvas, Head of Legal - Ayenda
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