Hire Globally and Manage Effortlessly

Your All-in-One Workforce Management Solution

Ontop makes managing international operations easy. We take care of onboarding, payroll, and compliance, so you can focus on growing your business.

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Pricing & Benefits

Contractor Pro

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Hire Now
Hire Anywhere
Operate legally across 150+ countries.
Easy Contracts
Draft and finalize smart contracts in under 5 minutes.
Full Compliance
We handle legal documentation to ensure you're always compliant.
Borderless Payroll
One-click solution to pay your entire team, eliminating multiple transactions.
Hire Employees

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Hire Now
Hire Anywhere
Hire international employees and we will manage payroll, taxes, benefits.
Easy Management
Manage workers payroll, extra payments, and onboarding all through our platform
Tailored Support
Get dedicated support in local countries, including optional visa process management.


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Effortless and legal hiring in Minutes

Hiring independent contractors and Employees is easy with Ontop. We handle background checks and verify records quickly, so your team can start working without delays.

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Simple and legal document management

Onboarding an employee in Ecuador is different from onboarding one in Germany. We handle everything, from local wage requirements to specific documentation, ensuring a quick and compliant process.

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Contact creation

Effortless contractor management

Let Ontop handle the risks, so you can worry less. We ensure proper classification of your contractors, with clear schedules, payment plans, and seamless management.

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Hassle-free contractor payroll management

Ontop makes payroll simple. From handling invoices, distributing earnings, and processing payments for your contractors. Just give us the project details, and we’ll take care of the rest.

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International Payroll


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Your All-In-One Global Wallet

  • The easiest way for you to receive your compensation payments in real time and in the strongest currency.
  • No need to travel to another country to have your own account on USD.
  • Keep the amount of money you want, for as long as you want in your Ontop Wallet.
  • In collaboration with JP Morgan.
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Safe, Direct Transfers to Your Account, Payoneer, or Crypto

  • Fastest way to manage your finances in whichever way you want. Personal account. Third Party. Crypto. Payoneer you choose.
  • Sending money to your accounts is now a breeze with Ontop Wallet. You can choose to transfer wherever you want with just a couple of clicks
  • Make instant payments worldwide. Send money to over 130 countries with speed and great exchange rates.
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Shop Worldwide & Earn Cashback Every Time

  • Simple - One card across all platforms
  • Powerful - Pay in any currency around the world
  • Secure - Shop online with confidence thanks to our dynamic CVV.
  • Easy - Available in digital, NFC or physical Format
  • Wanderlust subscription plan: Earn up to $200 USD on every ride, meal, flight & airbnb.
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How to Run a Remote Business

Our helpful Guide to Hire International Workers will give you insights on the best way to conquer new Global Talent.
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