Have you ever heard of the benefits of EOR?

Contracting a full time employee benefits both parts, the company and the worker. Here we focus on all the benefits and conditions EOR can bring to the table.
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Do you want your company to have the best talent while hiring cost efficiently?

Ontop is an internationally recognized company that takes hiring overseas talent to the next level. We have over 700 clients worldwide so we know a thing or two about what works. Let’s get to know more about the hiring process and what the employer of record services stands for.

An Employer of Record (EOR) serves as the legal employer of a worker in a certain country. As such, in the EOR service Ontop is the Employer of Record who takes care of all compliance aspects of employment, including payroll, taxes, statutory benefits, employment contracts and more.

Startup for Managing Remote Teams

Ontop is a platform that may seem complex to understand. Put simply, it is used for managing remote teams. The focus is on building qualified, international teams while making payments easily. In addition, Ontop allows companies to hire Ontop or remote workers services, depending on the chosen business model that fits their worker profile with ease and speed.

Traditional companies usually take weeks or even months to hire local teams. Can you imagine the time it must take for them to hire internationally? The good news is that  Ontop can hire qualified workers from almost anywhere in the world in only SIX days.

Ontop is ahead of the competition. Our team is made up of over 150 nationalities and features over 90 local experts working to make these processes easier. By not having to spend all of their time and budget on hiring, companies actually save money using Ontop.

Ontop offers EOR competitive benefits and compensation in compliance with local regulations.

We adapt to your needs

With Ontop’s expertise and technology, we offer everything your team needs with a humanized contact. Ontop makes sure you are covered and supported in terms of gathering all the tax, legal, and licensing documents you need for your staff to work remotely from where they live. We also help you maintain compliance with all regulations.

EOR is the best fit for your company in the following situations:

• Company commits to a new market.
• Looking for long-term working agreements.
• Don't have an extensive global expansion budget.
• Are waiting to open a legal entity.
• Full time employees will give you more freedom to manage.

Benefits of having your own entity vs. working with Ontop

If there is a cost-efficient method that really is worth it, EOR is the one!
Having Ontop by your side will save you a large chunk of your budget from the very beginning. For example: Entity registration and set up would generally cost you up to $10,000 and six months of commitment. With Ontop by your side, that time is cut down to just 3 days to hire your employees.

Without Ontop costs:
Setting up employment contracts/registrations: $10k - $50k
Opening foreign bank account: $5k or more
Contract with a foreign payroll provider: a minimum of $2k.

The list keeps on going.

Retain legal & financial advisors cost your company $3k - $15k per occurrence
Ongoing annual tax/audit/regulatory costs $3k - $10k per year

At Ontop, you and your company will be covered for the affordable price starting at $399 per employee, per month.

Take a good look at the benefits behind these costs

Hiring remote employees might seem daunting, and in fact it can be. But Ontop has arrived to revolutionize the company bureaucracy that hates wasting time. Ontop’s secret is to gather experts to hire employees in foreign countries where you would usually have to open a local entity.

Hiring local entities costs a lot of money, and forces you to have a permanent administration team. Not to mention having to consult local benefits, payments, taxes, and legal concepts. In addition, your company can get into trouble if it does not comply with local laws.

At Ontop we take care of the entire local hiring process including maintaining compliance with laws, payments, and human resources administration. We take care of all the bureaucracy while your employee is onboarded. Ontop has more than 150 employees of different nationalities spread all over the world.

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