What is it like to be a global company‍

Everybody once in a while wonders how to expand your business and hire people around the globe. But few get to the answers and put it in practice. So here is a sneak peek into Ontop's secrets to have reached to the top. Being a multinacional company is not easy but it sure it is gratifying and all the hard work turns into not only an excellent business but a unique one.
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Ontop expands its borders and operates in more than 150 countries. 

Ontop has one of the widest international options for you to choose your quality workers, that explains why the company has gotten a lot of attention in so little time. They have already worked with and hired people from more than +150 countries, thanks to their +90 local experts. It is quite a revolution to work, hire and manage remotely an international team with super high standards and qualifications. 

Hire overseas without opening a single entity

Ontop is an internationally renowned company that takes hiring overseas talent to another level. The company has more than 700 clients worldwide, and as we can see, they know what they are doing. So let’s get to know more about the hiring process, what EOR stands for and the difference between contractors. 

Managing remote global teams

At Ontop they offer a platform for managing remote teams globally, making international payments easy while allowing companies to hire remote workers faster. What usually takes weeks or months, with local hiring, it can take Ontop only 6 days to hire an international talent.

It's no news that Ontop is globally one of the most fast-growing Startups and is always one step ahead of the market. And it makes many efforts to stay ahead of the competition. One of the most important aspects of the company is that they can build a global team with the best international talent. Without you having to spend all of your time and budget, you will actually save money by hiring with them. 

Ontop offers candidates many forms of employment with competitive benefits in financial compliance with their local regulations.

Hire EOR and Contractors all over the globe

Hire full-time employees (EOR) with Ontop, it can be done in more than 15 countries in Latin America. And they are still expanding worldwide! They are constantly opening up new markets in Asia, Africa and Europe. Don’t worry, you can hire contractors in more than 150 countries, they got your back.


Ontop is Proud to be a multinational company and it praises on having a diverse team. It doesn’t matter where you come from, your ethnicity, color, religion or sexual orientation. We embrace and welcome every talent and believe that diversity brings only positive aspects, new perspectives, different ideas, thinking methods that complement each other. Everyday is a learning process and we love that!

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